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Highway Fever. You have a futuristic motorcycle, and you are driving the highway when you see Pirate Robots approaching. Lucky that this thing has weapons, huh? 

Made during the first Game Makers Tool Kit Game Jam (#GMTKJam), with the theme of Dual-Purpose Design. 

Click Space to Jump. Hold Space to Boost (drive faster. uses fuel). Jump quickly after Boosting: Boost Jump(higher, uses fuel).

Click Left Ctrl/MB to shoot an Homing Missile. Hold Left Ctrl/MB to charge an Energy Weapon, shooting multiple Bullets depending on how long you held it (max 5 seconds). If you hold Left Ctrl/MB while in air and you have fuel, time slows down while you charge your weapon. (Uses fuel)

Hitting enemies or obstacles drops Pickups. Fuel Pickup also gives a small speed boost, Health Pickup slows you down a bit and Missile Pickup causes you to shoot a few Bullets with your Energy Weapon.

I made this game alone (bad idea, as you may see from art quality and lack of sound). I started by using the Unity 2D Standard Assets, but worked on them long enough that they are almost unrecognizable. 

Install instructions

Just open the .rar and throw the contained folder where you want to. HighwayFever.exe to start.


Highway Fever.rar 8 MB

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